The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz (2015)

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From the new born collaboration between Lucca Film Festival & Europa Cinema and BLOOP Festival ( arose a found footage short film (made by re-editing existing video materials into a new original art work) based on Larry Semon’s “The Wizard of Oz”, directed in 1925. The short-film includes the original techno-dub of Pineapple Crocodile and

Semon’s version (better known as Ridolini in Italy) of Dorothy’s story. Dorothy is a girl who is mistreated by her cruel uncle and who discovers to be the chosen queen of Oz’s land. Thanks to the new editing and sounds of Pineapple  Crocodile the original version is reduced from 93 to 28 minutes and it was transformed into a musical voyage where two worlds meet: not only our and Oz’s but also the universe of silence and techno music, the past and the present.

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