Corbijn in Lucca: a movie on Florida in the ’40s and a project on U2

Anton Corbijn a Lucca Film Festival 1

The new projects by Anton Corbijn

“It’s a movie based on the real story of an iconic anti-racist leader in Florida during the ’40s, before Martin Luther King’s time. I can’t tell you more about the movie, but I can say I am also working on a photo book featuring my self-portraits since year 2000 and I am also following U2 on tour for documentary purposes.”.

This is how photographer and director Anton Corbijn described his new projects today in Lucca. On the occasion of tonight’s movie lecture at Cinema Astra, Corbijn will also be given the Lucca Film Festival e Europa Cinema Lifetime Achievement Award, after portraying giants of international rock culture and filming extraordinary music videos during his career. He told the press: “Among others, I worked with Kurt Cobain and I remember the exceptional person he was, one of the sweetest people I worked with. I really regret turning down some jobs he was involved in”.

Photographer Corbijn explained then the origin of his passion for music videos: “I was angry because I would listen to incredible songs whose videos were awful and didn’t quite represent the lyrics”. Corbijn was later signing autographs for the people attending the event at Cinema Centrale, which was sold out.

fonte: ufficio stampa Lucca Film Festival e Europa Cinema 2018