Water Gods



An exibition at 
Via del Battistero, 38
opening April 2nd at 17:30


“I was once divine, like you were. With a pure soul, filled with curiosity, and a strong will. But my will was rarely taken in consideration – despite my anger, tears and shouts. Instead I was taught what was right and wrong. And just like you, I became a victim of the environment, human like everyone else, in the search of my will.”

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Joakim Bernardo was born in 1996 in Florence, Italy. He has been living between Sweden and Italy.
He was soon inspired to express himself through different art forms. From music to visual and figurative medium. He now works as a photographer and filmmaker. 


Joakim Bernardo, a young photographer, roams the world discovering mankind with the admiration and astonishment of someone who sees something for the first time. The camera, today digital, yields to his wonder, reflecting provocative impressions, reportage of expressions and movement, destined to resolve in ways that we only can recreate through our imagination; fantasy is a peculiarity of art, which does not saturate the space of the spiritual gaze. We could say that Bernardo takes the role of both the visionary and the identifier of sensual, objective reality.

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