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Film Notes

Original Title: Aepeuteo

Country, year: Francia, 2023
Duration: 69′
Color: colore

Director: Anthony Lapia

Cast: Louise Chevillotte, Majd Mastoura, Natalia Wiszniewska, Killian Briot, Olivier Chantreau, Juliette Gharbi, Romain Gillot, Laura Mélinand, Barbara Rollet, Yousra Saidyess

Screenplay: Anthony Lapia

Photography: Robin Fresson , Raimon Gaffier

Film editing: Joran Leroux-Gipouloux

Music: Panzer

Production: Salt for Sugar Films, Société Acéphale, Les Productions Du Mont Pelat (co-production), les films de l’autre cougar (co-production)

Premiere: ITALIANA

Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 27/09/2023 Time 15.00

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A club in Paris. Driving techno beats sweep everyone away. People dance, drink and talk. Félicie meets Saïd and takes him to her place for an afterparty. On the cusp between night and day, different lives and views collide.

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