Kim Rossi Stuart

Award to Kim Rossi Stuart

Film Notes

Original Title: id.

Country, year: Italia, 2022
Duration: 117′
Color: colore

Director: Kim Rossi Stuart

Cast: Kim Rossi Stuart, Saul Nanni, Viola Sofia Betti, Alma Noce, Federica Pocaterra, Barbora Bobu?ová, Ilaria Spada, Paola Lavini, Alida Calabria, Rinat Khismatouline, Achille Marciano

Screenplay: Kim Rossi Stuart, Massimo Gaudioso

Photography: Matteo Cocco

Film editing: Alessio Rivellino

Music: Andrea Guerra

Production: Palomar, Vision Distribution, Sky, Amazon Prime Video


Screening info

  Location: Cinema Astra | Date: 01/10/2023 Time 21.00

Lungometraggio | –


Lifetime achievement award to KIM ROSSI STUART

Followed by a screening of the film


Tommaso, who wanted nothing more to do with his father Renato, is forced to help him run the family ranch after Renato got injured. The two come together to train a recalcitrant horse and lead it to victory in a cross-country competition, while attempting to untangle the knot of anger, hostility and resentment that has kept them distant for so long. The horse faces a challenging obstacle course, but so do father and son as they strive to rebuild the love and closeness they had lost. A horse trainer, with whom the young man falls in love, will help them in this endeavour.

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