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Disco Ruin

Film Notes

Original Title: Disco Ruin – 40 anni di club culture italiana

Country, year: Italia, 2020
Duration: 115′
Color: colore
Out of competition:

Director: Lisa Bosi, Francesca Zerbetto

Cast: Ondina Quadri, Albertino, Gianni Andreatta, Carlo Antonelli, Claudio Antonioli, Daniele Baldelli, Ferruccio Belmonte, Sabrina Bertaccini, Andrea Carnoli, Bruno Casini, Demo Ciavatti, Claudio Coccoluto, Pietro Derossi, Francesco Farfa, Massimo Giorgetti, Nicola Guiducci, Ugo La Pietra, Lorenzo Lsp

Screenplay: Lisa Bosi, Francesca Zerbetto

Photography: Salvo Lucchese

Film editing: Stefania Alberti, Lisa Bosi

Music: Emanuele Matte

Production: Sonne Film, K+



Screening info

  Location: Auditorium Vincenzo da Massa Carrara di Lucca | Date: 24/09/2022 Time 17.00

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A visionary journey into the rise and fall of the Italian clubbing culture, as told by some of its key players, who recall their nights on the highway and all those after hours that devoured their dawns. Four generations out to “make the list” to get into these venues, magnets for the young, perdition an option, where what counted was the role you played at night, not your day job. Four decades over which discotheques churned out culture, art, music, and fashion.

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