Entrance and Exit of Mascha B - Cover

Entrance and Exit of Mascha B.

Film Notes

Original Title: Auftritt und Abgang von Mascha B.

Country, year: Germania, 2020
Duration: 14′
Color: colore

Director: Laura Engelhardt

Cast: Mascha Breuer

Screenplay: Laura Engelhardt

Photography: Ernesto Ojeda Sosa

Film editing: Laura Engelhardt

Music: Lisa Domin

Production: Laura Engelhardt, Academy of Media Arts Cologne


Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 29/09/2022 Time 17.30

Cortometraggio | –


Auftritt und Abgang von Mascha B. follows a young woman through a digital transformation process. In the premises of a big architectural visualization company, delicate operations give rise to a photorealistic rendering that is to promote a yet-to-be-built office space. The virtual office room is furnished and inhabited by Mascha B. and digital colleagues. The final rendering process is accompanied by the aria from the fantastic opera The Tales of Hoffmann, in which the hero hopelessly falls in love with the mechanical puppet Olympia.

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