Film Notes

Original Title: id.

Country, year: Francia, 2022
Duration: 14′
Color: colore

Director: Guillaume Fabre-Luce

Cast: Markus Zrinscak, Andréa Maggiuli, Timéo Dagorn

Screenplay: Guillaume Fabre-Luce, Ronan Bertrand

Photography: Romain Le Bonniec

Film editing:

Music: Irina Prieto Botella

Production: Karine Blanc, Michel Tavares, Nathalie Landais

Premiere: ITALIANA

Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 28/09/2023 Time 17.00

Cortometraggio | –


The playground of a secondary school, nowadays. Théo, 13, witnesses and films the harassment of his friend, Alexandre.
When he realises the next morning that Alexandre will not be coming back to school, Théo hesitates. Should he denounce Lewis and look like a snitch in front of the whole school, or turn his back on his friend?

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