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Hounds – Les Meutes

Film Notes

Original Title: Les Meutes

Country, year: Marocco, Francia, Belgio, Qatar, Arabia Saudita, 2023
Duration: 94′
Color: colore

Director: Kamal Lazraq

Cast: Ayoub Elaid, Abdellatif Masstouri, Mohamed Hmimsa, Abdellah Lebkiri, Lahcen Zaimouzen, Salah Bensalah, Mohammed Kharbouchi

Screenplay: Kamal Lazraq

Photography: Amine Berrada

Film editing: Stéphane Myczkowski, Héloise Pelloquet

Music: Pauline Rambeau de Baralon (P.R2B)

Production: Barney Production, Mont Fleuri Production (coproduzione), Beluga Tree (coproduzione)

Premiere: ITALIANA

Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 25/09/2023 Time 15.00

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In the working-class suburbs of Casablanca, Hassan and Issam, father and son, live hand-to-mouth, working for the local underworld. One night they are asked to kidnap a man. Thus begins a long night in the city’s slums…

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