Luciano Emmer - Cover

Parole dipinte – Il cinema sull’arte di Luciano Emmer

Film Notes

Original Title: id.

Country, year: Italia, 2010
Duration: 726′
Color: b/n

Director: Luciano Emmer

Cast: AA.VV.

Screenplay: Luciano Emmer

Photography: AA.VV.

Film editing: AA.VV.

Music: AA.VV.

Production: Cineteca di Bologna


Screening info

  Location: Auditorium Vincenzo da Massa Carrara di Lucca | Date: 27/09/2022 Time 17.00

Lungometraggio | Documentario


This edition, commissioned by the Cineteca di Bologna and curated by Paola Scremin allows us to observe Emmer’s camera exploring the figurative arts of Giotto, Bosch, Carpaccio, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Picasso and others, creating new luminous perspectives. Emmer’s movies guide to a progressive and passionate approach to the works of art. The movies are faithful to the principle that there is a scientific way of filming works of art and there is one “that we could define as poetic”, and that let us create an intimacy with the works that we would not otherwise experience. Precisely in their care not to provide didactic readings of art history, these movies are not only moving cinematic experiences, but also unusual, precious introductions to the world of figurative arts.

The following episodes will be shown:
L’allegoria della Primavera – Isole nella Laguna – I disastri della guerra – Il dramma di Cristo narrato da Giotto – Leonardo Da Vinci – Incontrare Picasso

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