L'alfabeto di Peter Greenaway - Cover

Peter Greenaway | The Greenaway Alphabet

Film Notes

Original Title: id.

Country, year: Paesi Bassi, 2017
Language: inglese
Duration: 80′
Color: colore

Director: Saskia Boddeke

Cast: Peter Greenaway, Pip Greenaway, Saskia Boddeke


Photography: Ruzbeh Babol, Saskia Boddeke, Sander Snoep

Film editing: Gys Zevenbergen

Music: Luca D’Alberto, Borut Krzisnik



Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 02/10/2022 Time 18.00

Lungometraggio | Documentario


An intimate portrait of painter and filmmaker Peter Greenaway, directed by his wife Saskia Boddeke. Together with his daughter Pip, Greenaway formulates an alphabet that represents his personality and thoughts about art and life.

After the movie

“Dante Alighieri Cinema Award” to Peter Greenaway

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