Piss on Patriarchy

Piss on Patriarchy

Film Notes

Original Title: id.

Country, year: Germania, 2023
Duration: 10′
Color: colore

Director: Lena Fakler

Cast: Caroline Hellwig, Danilo Kamperidis, Dennis Schigiol, Henri von Mecklenburg

Screenplay: Lena Fakler

Photography: Antonia Pepita Giesler

Film editing: Alexander Schröder

Music: Susanne Hardt

Production: Lena Fakler

Premiere: ITALIANA

Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 28/09/2023 Time 17.00

Cortometraggio | –


Marie is driving on the highway and needs to pee urgently. But the toilet at the rest stop is broken. And an increasingly absurd odyssey through this toxic male biotope begins for Marie – and ends in blood.


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