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Film Notes

Original Title: id.

Country, year: Russia, Italia, 2023
Duration: 106′
Color: colore

Director: Vladimir Beck

Cast: Stepan Belozyorov, Polina Fedina, Nikolay Klyamchuk, Anya Patokina, Aleksandr Ryazantsev, Natalia Sapozhnikova, Konstantin Shpakov, Margarita Tolstoganova, Viktoriya Tolstoganova, Anastasiya Volynskaya, Pavel Yuzhakov-Kharlanchuk

Screenplay: Vladimir Bek, Anna Efimova

Photography: Anton Gromov

Film editing: Tagan Ataev, Sebastian Longariva, Ilya Malov

Music: Federico Campana

Production: Vega Film, Mars Media Entertainment, Albolina Film

Premiere: MONDIALE

Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 26/09/2023 Time 17.30

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15-year-old Sasha moves to live with her father, a stranger whom she hardly knows and has not seen in years. None of them is happy about this situation. Protesting against the decision made for her by adults, Sasha shaves her head and runs away from home. Short-haired and lost, she is mistaken for a boy by two local teenagers, Maxim and Mysh. All of a sudden, she gets the opportunity to enter her peers’ world, fascinating and dangerous at times. Sasha pretends to be another person, not knowing how far this deception will lead her.


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