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Sick Of Myself

Film Notes

Original Title: Syk Pike

Country, year: Norvegia, 2022
Language: norvegese
Duration: 95′
Color: colore

Director: Kristoffer Borgli

Cast: Kristine Kujath Thorp, Eirik Sæther, Fanny Vaager, Fredrik Stenberg Ditlev-Simonsen, Sarah Francesca Brænne, Ingrid Vollan, Steinar Kloumann Hallert, Andrea Bræin Hovig, Frida Natland, Guri Glans, Henrik Mestad, Matilda Höög

Screenplay: Kristoffer Borgli

Photography: Benjamin Loeb

Film editing: Kristoffer Borgli

Music: Turns

Production: Oslo Pictures, Garage Film International

Premiere: ITALIANA

Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 26/09/2022 Time 17.00

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Signe and Thomas are in an unhealthy, competitive relationship that takes a vicious turn when Thomas suddenly breaks through as a contemporary artist.
In response, Signe makes a desperate attempt to regain her status by creating a new persona hell-bent on attracting attention and sympathy.

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