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Starring Jerry As Himself

Film Notes

Original Title: id.

Country, year: USA, 2022
Duration: 75′
Color: colore

Director: Law Chen

Cast: Jerry Hsu, Kathy Hsu, Jesse Hsu, Joshua Hsu, Jonathan Hsu, Tiffany Shi, Yoni Lotan, Rachel Canton, Haosong Yang, Zhuang Cai, Fang Du, Paul Swaine, Nick Bailey, Kalkidan Emajo, Cat Evangelho, Janice Kim, Peter Mamontoff, Anthony Mazza, Sean Mazza, Gary Gene, Anthony Russo, Kevin Conrad, Samantha Mortiboys

Screenplay: Jerry Hsu & Law Chen

Photography: Law Chen & Tinx Chan

Film editing: Law Chen

Music: Eric Holljes

Production: Forces Unseen, Hsubox Productions

Premiere: ITALIANA

Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 23/09/2023 Time 17.30

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This is a story about the producer’s father Jerry. Jerry is a retired, divorced Taiwanese immigrant living in Orlando. One day, he gets an urgent call from the Chinese police. They inform him that he’s the prime suspect in an international money laundering investigation, where $1.28 million was illegally moved through his Florida bank account.

Under threat of arrest and extradition to China, the police force Jerry to cooperate and become an undercover agent in their case. Over the next few weeks, Jerry helps the police investigate an international money laundering case by taking surveillance photos of his bank, making top secret transfers, and even wearing a wire to spy on bank tellers.

After months of keeping the investigation a secret, Jerry finally reveals everything to his family. His three sons decide to document his ordeal and discover the truth about what really happened and how it changed Jerry’s life forever.

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