Tintoretto - Cover

Tintoretto and the new Venice

Film Notes

Original Title: Tintoretto – L’artista che uccise la pittura

Country, year: Italia/Germania, 2021
Duration: 53′
Color: colore

Director: Erminio Perocco

Cast: Leonardo Tosini, Leonardo Scarpa

Screenplay: Costanza Casati, Erminio Perocco

Photography: Giovanni Andreotta

Film editing: Matteo Trevisan

Music: Teho Teardo, Carlo Raiteri

Production: Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion, Kublai Film, Videe, ZDF/Arte, Zeta Group


Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 27/09/2022 Time 10.00

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Biopic of Tintoretto with focus on the innovation he represented in the world of painting. The artistic and human figure of Jacopo Tintoretto (Venice, 1518-1594) encompasses the most different peculiarities that are usually the gift of those born genius. Tintoretto was a talent in the arts – from music to painting – and he had a nature bound by an obsessive urgency of “doing” and by the strong need to be recognized.

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