Popular jury at the feature-film contest at Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema 2018

In collaboration with ‘Circolo del Cinema di Lucca’ and ‘Cineforum Ezechiele 25,17’

The Lucca Film Festival – Europa Cinema 2018, which is taking place from the 8th to the 15th April, confirmed for the second year in a row the presence of a popular jury for the contest of feature-films that will be premiering in Italy at the event. Just like the year before, the jury will be made up of whomever would like to apply, and will award the “Honourable Mention” to one of the 14 films in the competition.

The 14 films in the feature-film contest will be screening pre-release exclusively at the Cinema Centrale in Lucca (via di Poggio n.36) between the 8th and the 14th of April.

Activities carried out by the jury:

The festival Staff will provide each member of the jury, before every screening, with an evaluation card on which, after the film, the person will assess the movie on a scale from 1 to 5, and if they want to, explain the vote. The card must be signed by the member and handed in to the festival Staff before leaving the cinema.

To be a valid member you must attend each one of the film screenings in the contest, and take part to the final discussion, which will be held on the 14th, together with the jury coordinators and the recruiters of the contest. The discussion will decide the winner of the “Honourable Mention” that will be announced that same night during the award ceremonies of the festival contests, directly by a representative of the popular jury.

If the person will not fill, sign and hand in the evaluation cards for all 14 films in the contest, they will be automatically excluded from the jury and will not be able to take part to the final discussion on the 14th.

Certificate of attendance to the popular jury:

During the following weeks to the event, each member will receive an attendance certificate as proof of participation to the popular jury.

How to access the screenings:

Each member of the jury has access, with price reductions, to all festival activities, and can buy the professional accreditation for the festival, which gives you access to every activity at the cost of € 25,00 (To be requested by the 31st March 2018 via email at: segreteria@luccafilmfestival.it ).

How to enter the popular jury:

Writing an email at: segreteria@luccafilmfestival.it by the 31st March 2018.