The launch of the exhibitions dedicated to David Cronenberg

During the press conference in presentation of the exhibitions dedicated to David Cronenberg, organised by Comitato Nuovi Eventi per Lucca in collaboration with Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema, the canadian master – in a skype call – has announced that he will not be able to participate to the festival, due to serious personal problems. David explained that he will try to come to Lucca before the closing of the exhibits (the 3rd of may), but he said that the decision is not his alone… although, he reassured the journalists affirming that he’s working with the organisation in order to guarantee the presence of other representatives of his artistic universe, and he pledged to participate with a skype call to realise the activities planned for the festival. We excuse us to who (like us) were waiting for Cronenberg’s arrival in Lucca, but we’ll continue to work with him so that the homage that we are arranging will be the best possible.