Lucca and Ibiza united for the cinema

The film will be premiered during the International festival
in a drive-in staged for the occasion.
Lucca and Ibiza united for the cinema
From the collaboration between Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema
and BLOOP Festival Ibiza, comes to life a co-produced short film dedicated to the Wizard of Oz, which launches the new production project “noreason production”

driveinbloop1lffLucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema, the Tuscan film festival that over the years has welcomed names of the calibre of David Lynche, Abel Ferrara, Peter Greenaway and Terry Gilliam, and BLOOP Festival, the international manifestation of culture and contemporary art based in Ibiza. Two countries, Italy and Spain: two artistic organisations united by the passion for cinema. From the new born collaboration between these festivals comes to life a found footage short film (made by re-editing pre-existing video materials into a new original art work) based on Larry Semon`s “The Wizard of Oz”, made in 1925. The short, with the original techno-dub of Pineapple Crocodile, will be premiered as two projections during the 5th edition of the international festival (which will take place from the 16th July to the 16th August 2015), Sunday 19 July and 14 August, in a drive-in staged for the occasion (free admission).

The short film launches wider production collaboration, dubbed by this significant name “noreason production”. “There is no reason why we do art. To create something and want to share it with everybody” explains the representatives of the Tuscan Festival, Nicola Borelli and BLOOP Festival, Biokip Creative Productions “But it is our infinite impulses that, by coincidence, that lead us to unite for this production project”. Infinite like the ideas that generate when far away constellations touch and discovering akin to wanting to create the future together, without a time and a space that shatter our horizons and determined to have fun together with you. With the “noreason production” brand Lucca Film Festival and BLOOP Festival propose to produce together a new audio visual artwork every year, based on a common will of cinematography culture diffusion for a public always more attentive to contemporaneity`s issues.

driveinbloop2lffThe choice, The Wizard of Oz as an instrument of work is due to the theme that will define BLOOP Festival this year. The “multiverse”, universes and parallel universes, rendering therefore homage to all cinema, which in every period has demonstrated alternative dimensions and realities, making this scientific theme so actual and much loved by the most renowned masters of cinema a live experience for the public in a creative and artistic way. Semon`s version (known better as Ridolini in Italy) of Dorothy`s story, a girl mistreated by her cruel uncle who discovers that she is the chosen queen of the Land of Oz, thanks to the new editing and sounds of Pineapple Crocodile the 93 minutes of the original version goes to 28 in the new short, and transforms into a musical voyage where two worlds that encounter not only ours and Oz`s, but also the universes of silence and techno music, the past and present, the sofas of the cinemas and the seats of the drive-in.

Born in the pursuit of the celebration of experimental cinema, Lucca Film Festival (which from this year becomes Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema, uniting with the historical Viareggian film festival) this year on its 11th edition has proposed to the public 4 international guests such as Alfonso Cuarón, Jeremy Irons, Terry Gilliam and Matteo Garrone, 8 days of projections, lessons on cinema, concerts and encounters and 4 expositions dedicated to the Canadian director David Cronenberg. BLOOP Festival Ibiza, dedicated to contemporary proactive art, music, street art and technology is a completely independent and self-financed avant-garde festival where admission is free as “Art is for everybody” at BLOOP. It is the first of its kind as the target audience is not only people who are familiar to art but also especially those who are indifferent to art. The activities held within the festival all speak a comprehensible language to everybody, opening gates to anybody to their first steps of art. Despite the limited resources in 2014 the festival had 90,000 visitors with more than a month of activities, 8 special events and 4 expositions, establishing BLOOP as one of the most significant events in Europe in the field of contemporary art.