Lucca Effetto Cinema 2023 – Call For Entries

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Photo: one of the many performances of Lucca Effetto Cinema 2022

The Lucca Film Festival opens applications for performers, public businesses, stores and hotels in Lucca’s inner city to participate in the new edition of Lucca Effetto Cinema, which will take place on 30th September 2023.

The event consists in brightening up the historic center with micro-performances co-produced by the festival together with amateur theater associations and dance companies, not only from this area but also from all over Italy. Each performance will last between 5 and 10 minutes and will be “activated” intermittently, with at least a 30-minute break in between, according to an hourly schedule built by the production. The public businesses that will participate in Lucca Effetto Cinema are asked to insert scenic elements in their stores or to dress up their employees following the theme of the movie proposed by the companies near them.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Lucca Effetto Cinema partakes one more time in the event schedule in Lucca with its original format. This involves dividing the event in thematic areas based on movie genres, such as western, horror, animation and so on, which will be communicated when enrolling based on the movie proposals chosen by the artistic director and the companies.

This year different prizes have been created for the participating companies and businesses, such as best performance and best set design, and for the event partners, which are:

  • Audience Prize worth 500€, where the audience itself will vote online after watching the live performance, or its development or the snippets of the show on our social media.
  • Professional Jury Prize worth 500€.

This year the festival will give again the revelation prize to an actress or actor, who will be the Italian up-and-coming movie star and the ambassador of Lucca Effetto Cinema 2023, other than being one of the judges of the event.

The performances must be associated with a participant public business, store or hotel. They have to be inspired by the same movie, depending on the area of reference.

This edition also sees the participation of the inner city’s shopkeepers: the week before the beginning of the Lucca Film Festival, clients will have the opportunity to go to the stores and win a prize by registering via QR code. Then, the winner will be randomly chosen. There are three total prizes:

  • Aperitif with a guest star from the Lucca Film Festival;
  • Edition of the Lucca Film Festival 2023 catalog.

The winner will also make their trusted shopkeepers win the same prize.

The prize-giving ceremony will take place on the first day of the festival.

Each performance is privately organized by the performer or the company, and once it gets associated to the host space, individual arrangements will be made between the parties to make the show stand out and fully enjoyable.

All participating performers and companies will be entitled to:

  • A daily authorization to access the traffic-restricted zones in the city center for No. 1 motor vehicle per performer or company.
  • A dressing room during the Lucca Effetto Cinema event
  • One online advertising space dedicated to each company or performer
  • A welcome kit.
  • A meal.
  • The possibility to get a make-up and hairstyle look for free, thanks to the help of talented make-up artists (reservation is required).

The audience, so those who will visit the event, is invited to participate, especially if dressed up. In that case, it is suggested to get inspired by one of the films that will be proposed during the night event Effetto Cinema on 30th September 2023 to become the main characters of one of the movie sets present. Furthermore, there will be two cash prizes for best make-up and best hairstyle, both worth 100 €: to participate, you need to take a photo of yourself while dressed up and share it as a story on your personal profile during the event Lucca Effetto Cinema 2023, tagging the page “Lucca Film Festival”.

All performers are invited to register for free by 1st August 2023, by sending an email to They have to state the name and contact information of the company or individual, the type of show proposed and any preferences. It is also possible to request further information. The artistic direction reserves the final decision regarding the admission to the event.

Lucca Film Festival
Nicola Borrelli – President
Cristina Puccinelli and Irene Passaglia – Artistic Directors

For info please mail to