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Exhibitions: 17th March – 1st May

Festival:  2nd – 9th April

Festival’s overall projections: 2nd April – 1st May

New sections: Focus
Historical sections:

Homage and life career award for the following guests:
Oliver Stone,Willem Dafoe, Julien Temple, Olivier Assayas, Cristi Puiu, Bruno Monsaingeon, Sergio Castellitto and Valeria Golino.

Feature Film Contest, Italian Premiere.

Short Film Contest

Out-of-competition Feature Films in Italian premiere

Cinema and Music

Educational Effetto Cinema Notte (Day for Night)


“PunkDadaSituation” ”

The journey of G. Mastorna.The dream of a lm staged on set ”

“Dèi d’Acqua”

Special events:
– Third and last, after Los Angeles and Cannes, promotional evening for Twin Peaks 3, with David Lynch himself (22nd June)
– Guardianship of the lm festival for the exhibition “Il Passo Sospeso. Esplorazioni Del Limite”
by Alessandro Romanini and produced by Ragghianti Foundation in Lucca (24th June – 3rd September)
– Production collaboration for the exhibition “Cinema Nel Chiostro Della Biblioteca Agorà” (July)

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Exhibitions: 26th March – 16th May

Festival:  3rd – 10th April

Festival’s overall projections: 3rd April – 16th May

New sections:

Feature-films competition in Italian premiere

Out of competition in Italian premiere


Opening Party: Effetto Cinema Notte in Viareggio

Historical sections:

Homage and life career award for the following guests: George A. Romero,William Friedkin, Paolo Sorrentino, Marco Bellocchio, Gualtiero Jacopetti, Ruggero Diodato

Short movies contest in Italian premiere


Cinema & Music Educational

Special Events and Exhibitions:

Exhibit “George Romero and the New American Horror”

Exhibit “Mario”, Chiara Rapaccini and Andrea Vierucci for Monicelli

Exhibit “La Pittura Dietro L’Obiettivo” Exhibit “Lo Sguardo Selvaggio – The Mondo Movies in Italy, Gualtiero Jacopetti”

Closing Party: Effetto Cinema Notte in Lucca

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Exhibitions: 15th february – 3rd May

Festival:  15th – 21st March

Festival’s overall projections: 15th March – 3rd May

Historical sections: 

Homage and life career award for the following guests: David Cronenberg, Jeremy Irons,Alfonso Cuaron, Matteo Garrone,Terry Gilliam

Retrospectives on the main players in experimental cinema:
Roberto Nanni

Short movies contest in Italian premiere

Lucca Virtual Film Festival

Section dedicated to David Cronenberg


Special Events and Exhibitions:
Exhibit “Evolution”. Exhibit “Cromosomes”, Exhibit “Red Cars” Exhibit “Paper Mutations”, Exhibit “M. Butter y”.
Closing Party:
Effetto Cinema Notte 2015
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Historical sections:

Homage and life career award for the following guests:
David Lynch – John Boorman – Julio Bressane

Tributes to established international cinema actors:
Enrique Irazoqui – Ninetto Davoli

Short movies contest in Italian premiere Lucca Virtual Film Festival

Section desicated to David Lynch


Special Events, Exhibitions and Performances:
LostVisions -The Indiscreet Charm of Gaze.Photo exhibition of works by Maestro David Lynch

Lost Songs – Concert featuring scores from David Lynch lms

Closing Party: Effetto Cinema Notte 2014

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7th edition

The 7th edition of the Lucca Film Festival took place from the 5th to the 7th, the 14 and 15th of October at Cinema Centrale and Complesso di San Micheletto Auditorium. The exhibition was sponsored by the municipality, province, Mediateca Regionale Toscana, Fondazione Banca del Montw di Lucca, The Caledonian, Farmozan S.r.l., Mostre&Mostre, Lombardi Audiovisivi and PagineSi!.

Independent italian documentary
This edition of the Lucca Film Festival welcomed Daniele Gaglianone, Michelangelo Frammartino e Catherine Libert, who were invited to Lucca to show some of the documentaries they made in the past few years.
This section also had other movies of directors who could not be present.

Boris Lehman

Experimental director Boris Lehman was at the centre of the first two days, dedicated to the rediscovery of his works. Some of his very important works were presented as a preview to the Lucca audience.

Sylvano Bussotti

Composer Sylvano Bussotti performed as an exclusive performance playing piano whilst “R.A.R.A.”,one of his films, was being projected. This soiree was organized in collaboration with the Associazione Musicale Lucchese.

Ombre Rosse

Section dedicated to the famous film magazine Ombre Rosse, a continuation of the work done in 2007 with the Cinema & Film magazine. There was a debate at the Complesso San Micheletto with critics such as Gianni Volpi, Adriano Aprà and Alfredo Rossi.

Spanish cinema of Franco’s period

Exhibition dedicated to the most important works of Franco’s last period.

International short film competition

From more than 700 works 14 short movies were selected and divided in to two categories: fiction and experimental.


Cinema Centrale – via di Poggio, 36.

Complesso monumentale San Micheletto – Via di San Micheletto, 3.


6th edition

6th edition of Lucca Film Festival took place throughout 6 days, from the 4th to the 9th of October, at the Cinema Centrale and Auditorium San Romano.

Gérard Courant’s “Cinématon” was projected at the Lu.C.C.A. (museum of contemporary art).

The events were sponsored by Mediateca Regione Toscana, the province, the municipality and Lucca Apt, Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca.

Homage to Abel Ferrara

2010 edition had a special guest, director Abel Ferrara, homaged by the Lucca Film festival with a showing of his most iconic and controversial works. Crazy and visionary protagonist of NY’s independent scene, Ferrara describes an America made of outsiders searching for redemption.

Retrospective dedicated to György Pálfi

He is a young Hungarian director (1974), special guest during the festival. Author “Taxidermia”, a memorable book appreciated by critics worldwide, the young author came to Lucca in order to show his films and meet his audience. His first 3 films and one inedited short film were shown. The director and his wife (screenwriter of his works) were guests on the first day.

Homage dedicated to Viva Auder

The unforgettable actress and star of Andy Wahrol’s “Factory” was homaged with a showing of some of her most important movies: Franco Brocani’s “Necropolis”, Andy Wahrol’s “Lonesome cowboys” and Wim Wenders’ “Lo stato delle cose”.

Collaborations and special events

In collaboration with Lu.C.C.A. museum, Lucca film festival presented a special event: Cinématon – the longest film ever made. Lasting an incredible 150 hours, it’s the masterpiece of Gèrard Courant and took 30 years to make. It was shown as part of a special marathon in the multimedia room.

Other special events included Spanish director Adolpho Arrietta, who presented “Flammes”; (An)Other Irish Cinema, focus on the works of 3 young Irish directors (Maximilian Le Cain, Donal Foreman, Rouzbeh Rashidi); a homage to Franco Brocani by showing some of his first short films directed for the production company “Corona Cinematografica”, finally available thanks to the Cineteca di Bologna that restored them.

International short film competition

As usual, Lucca Film Festival organized a competition of short films: more than 30 works from different countries (Cuba, Brazil, Russia, Lithuania, Turkey) that took part in some of the most important film festivals (Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, Quinzane di Cannes, Toronto Indipendent Film Festival, New York Film Festival).


Cinema Centrale – via di Poggio, 36.
Auditorium San Romano – Piazza S.Romano.


At the contemporary art museum Lu.C.C.A. Free admission.


5th edition
The 5th edition of Lucca Film Festival took place in Lucca over 7 days, from the 17th to the 23th of October, at San Girolamo’s Theatre and at the central Cinema. Art exhibitions took place in the complesso of San Micheletto and San Girlamo’s Theatre. The exhibition was sponsored by Mediateca Regione Toscana, the municipality and Lucca APT, Fondazione Banca del Monte of Lucca and private sponsors Puccini e la sua Lucca and Natural Project.

Retrospective dedicated to Lou Castel

Lou Castel has been a protagonist of the international cinema scene, collaborating with directors such as Bellocchio, Fassbinder, Wenders, Chabrol, Garrel, Lenzi e Cavani. He has maintained his free spirit his whole career, along with his dislike for compromises and his honesty.

Retrospective and exhibition dedicated to Robert Cahen

After having graduated at theConservatoire National Superieur Musique de Paris, and studied with Pierre Schaffer, founder of “concrete music”, in 1971 Cahen became a member of ORTF (Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française), and began his video experimentation in 1972. He become internationally famous as one of the most important men of the “second generation” of video-artists and explored audiovisual medium in it’s entirety, working in deep relationship with cinema, music and photography. Through an unconventional approach with art, the artist made subjective works, manipulating images, narration, sound with originality.

We presented his films in his presence along with a big exhibition at Fondazione Ragghianti.

Thematic retrospective: Sable noir

Black sands that collapse slowly: a metaphor for falling into the shadows of our subconscious, a never ending trip into the abyss of the human mind. 9 black and white works, pictures stolen from “noir” films, developing this concept in different directions, from sophisticated solutions to conventional genres.

Homage dedicated to Guillaume Nicloux

Because of this years collaboration with Sable noir, our festival presented a homage to one of the most interesting french film directors . Born in 1966, director, actor and screewriter; when he was 22, while studying at Centre National des Lettres, he created a theatre company, “La Troupe”. After a tv show for Arte called La Vie crevée with Michel Piccoli and Arielle Dombasie, he directed Faut pas rire du Bonheur for cinema. He directed in 1998 Le Poulpe with Clotilde Courau and J.P. Daroussin and, in 2002, Une affaire privée, first part of a trilogy including Cette femme-là (2003) and La clef (2007). Between these two works he directed Le concile de pierre (2005).

Special events, showings and performances

Le facs of life

This is a conceptual/poetic movie influenced by Gille Deleuze’s mechanic thoughts, in Paris Centre Expérimental Universitaire 8 Vincennes (1969-1980) revolutionary world.

Twenty Puccini – second act

A continuation of Puccini’s short movies: after the first 15 movies’ worlwide success (Twenty Puccini), the 16th and 17th films were presented (they are Xanaé Bove and David Reznak’s new works).

NYC to PAL. New videos from NY

Selection supervised by Andrea Monti about New York’s film scene, ranging from experimental video performances both by film veterans and pioneers, using both types of supports. A look at friendships and experiences with an out of the ordinary approach.


One of Andy Wahrol’s masterpieces (USA, 1963, 16mm b/n), with live music from Giulio Bursi, Davide Gherardi and Pia Bolognesi. A part of the Folksonomy project aimed at developing the potentialities of sound and images by mixing hardcore experiences, noise and electronics.

International short film competition

Over 500 short films from all over the world compete, selected at the most famous film festivals. Divided in 4 categories: fiction, documentary, experimental and animation. The final selection is judged by a jury of experts.


Teatro San Girolamo – Via san Girolamo
Cinema Centrale – in collaboration with Circolo del Cinema di Lucca, via di Poggio 36


At Fondazione Ragghianti: Complesso di San Micheletto. Free admission.


4th edition

The fourth edition took place between the 10th and 18th of October, at the San Girolamo Theatre, Italia Cinema, Vino&Kino, and exhibitions in San Micheletto and the Ex-Manifattura Tabacchi.

Retrospective and Exhibition dedicated to Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas, lithuanian poet, critic and film maker, represents the underground cinema scene. All his works were shown and a special exhibition took place.

Retrospective dedicated to Pierre Clémenti

Unconventional and rebellious poet, writer, actor and director Pierre Clémenti presented unreleased and restored works.

Homage dedicated to Shane Meadows

Focus on the new English cinema of Shane Meadows, film-maker (1975) who at the age of 25 wrote and directed “Ventiquattrosette” (1997), presented in Venice and winner of Fipresci prize. His following three works – “A room for Romeo Brass “(1999) “C’era una volta in Inghilterra” (2002) e “Dead Man’s Shoes” (2004) – are a demonstration of Meadow’s ability recounting Engkand and its contradictions. In 2006 his latest work “This is England”, a strong movie about  Skinheads in 1980, put him on the international scene.

Homage to Kyioshi Kurosawa

Kyioshi Kurosawa, talented and polyhedral japanese director born in Kobe in 1955, began in 1980 with the pinku-eiga genre. However,during the years he developed a personal vision which leads him to distinguish himself in different cinema genres, from comedy to detective films, from yakuza to horror. His three movies presented at the festival (“Cure”, “Carisma”, “Kairo”) are a big example of his ideology. They put him on the international scene and show his human fragility and strength.

Extensive retrospective and exhibition dedicated to Christian Lebrat

Christian Lebrat represents the french avantgarde. He is maybe the most important experimental French film-maker and an authentic and tireless researcher for visual art. He continues to fight for avant-guard cinema creating exhibitions, writing important works and through editions of Paris Experimental. Vibrazioni was made in Lucca. It is an art exhibition (at Ex Manifattura Tabacchi) of his photos and videos, with two projected performances. For this occasion all his experimental films were shown.

Preview presentation of Twenty Puccini Project

We had to homage the musician Giacomo Puccini, celebrating the 150th anniversary of his birth. As a matter of fact, Twenty Puccini was projected as a worlwide preview. It’s a collective work about Puccini requested by the Festival organization to some film-makers of our past or next editions, such as: Tsai Ming Liang, Jonas Mekas, Michael Snow, Tonino De Bernardi, Brady Corbet, Agnès Feuvre, Anthea Kennedy e Ian Wiblin, Keja Ho Kramer, Christian Lebrat e Lorenzo Recio. Lots of directors of the project were present at our festival, such as the Malaysian director Tsai Ming Liang and the young American Brady Corbet.

Thematic retrospective: the Machinima

The section called “Machinima” is a selection of short animated films created using a combination of video games and 3D graphics.

International short film competition

Over 500 short films from all over the world compete, selected at the most famous film festivals. Divided in 4 categories: fiction, documentary, experimental and animation. The final selection is judged by a jury of experts.


Teatro San Girolamo – Via San Girolamo
Cinema Centrale – in collaboration with Circolo del Cinema di Lucca, via di Poggio 36
Cinema Italia – in collaboration with Ezechiele 25:17 – Via del Biscione, 32
Vino & Kino – Via della Dogana, 6


At Fondazione Ragghianti: Complesso of S. Micheletto. Free admission.


The Lucca Film Festival, organized by the Vi(s)ta Nova Association, is an annual event about celebrating and spreading cinema as a culture. Every year our festival manages to engage an ever-growing audience, through screenings, exhibitions, conferences and performances, from mainstream to experimental cinema. Throughout it’s various editions the Lucca Film Festival stands out for it’s bold but carefully planned programmes, it’s managed to pay homage to accomplished figures in the world of cinema, it has rediscovered some and supported others. The finishing touch is the beautiful setting: the city of Lucca, that hosts this anticipated and unmissable event.


The substance of the festival can be divided into 10 parts:

1.A wide retrospective on one of the main figures of experimental and avantgarde cinema

LFF2006: Kenneth Anger, Stephen Dwoskin e Adolfo Arrieta

LFF2007: Michael Snow

LFF2008: Jonas Mekas

LFF2009: Robert Cahen

LFF2010: Gérard Courant, Franco Brocani

LFF2011: Boris Lehman

LFF2012: Paolo Gioli

LFF2013: Antoni Padros

The event involves a retrospective and personal presentation of the directors work, thanks to the collaboration of Fondazione Ragghianti di Lucca and/or Lu.C.C.A. contemporary art museum.

2.Tribute to an established international film director

LFF2006: Alan Clarke

LFF2007: Fratelli Taviani

LFF2008: Kyoshi Kurosawa

LFF2009: Lou Castel

LFF2010: Abel Ferrara

LFF2012: Philippe Garrel

LFF2013: Peter Greenaway

3.Retrospective on another figure of experimental indipendent cinema

LFF2007: Guy Debord

LFF2008: Pierre Clémenti

LFF2010: Viva Auder

LFF2011: Catherine Libert

LFF2012: Caroline Deruas

4.Tribute to a young emerging director in mainstream cinema but with an innovative new approach

LFF2008: Shane Meadows

LFF2009: Guillaume Nicloux

LFF2010: Gyorgy Palfi

LFF2011: Daniele Gaglianone, Michelangelo Frammartino

LFF2012: Bent Hamer

LFF2013: Benedek Fliegauf

5.A themed retrospective about a particular theme, nation or genre

LFF2206: Road Movies

LFF2007: Film legati alla rivista Cinema & Film

LFF2008: Machinima

LFF2009: Sable Noir – Il nuovo cinema di genere in Francia

LFF2010: Cortometraggi inediti realizzati da Franco Brocani per la casa di produzione “Corona Cinematografica”

LFF2011: Documentario Indipendente Italiano

6. A minor retrospective about a minor little-known figure in experimental cinema and a presentation of his works

LFF2007: Aldo Tambellini

LFF2008: Christian Lebrat

7.International short film competition

Winner 2007: Thomas Salvador con ‘De Sortie’ (FR)

Winner 2008: Johann Lurf con ‘Vertigo Rush’ (AU)

Winner 2009: Alberto Cabrera Bernal con “Cada cuatro fotogramas” (ESP)

Winner 2010: André Schreuders con “Licht” (NL)

Winner 2011: Eponine Momenceau con “Song” (FR)

Winner 2012: Alberto Gemmi con “Go burning Atacama Go”

Winner 2013: Rick Niebe con “Studio per interno con figure e suoni

8. Special events, showings and Performances


– Worldwide preview of Permanent Vacation, Adolfo Arrieta film made during the Lucca Film Festival of 2005


– Preview of ‘La Osa Major Menos Dos’ by David Reznak

-Homage to Isidore Isou through Frederic Acquaviva’s performance

-Preview of ‘River of Anger’ by Antoine Barraud, documentary about Kenneth Anger


– Preview of ‘Schifanosaurus Rex’ by Francesco Brocani, film about his friend and artist Mario Schifano

– Preview of Stephen Dwoskin’s films made with a mobile phone

-Preview of the ‘Twenty Puccini’ project, film collaboration about Giacomo Puccini.

LFF 2009:

–     KISS by Andy Warhol – Musical performance by Bursi, Bolognesi e Gherardi.

– Preview of the last two short films from the “Twenty Puccini” project.

– Presentation of the “NYC to PAL” project.

LFF 2010:

–   “(An)Other Irish Cinema” – focus on the experimental irish cinema scene.

–   “Free Radicals: a (hi)story of experimental film” by Pip Chodorov.

–   “Flammes” by Adolpho Arrietta.

–    “The Sun and the Moon” by Stephen Dwoskin.


–         Musical performance by Sylvano Bussotti.

–         “Cinema e Franchismo”

–         “Ombre Rosse”

9.  Morning lessons for the students from the local High Schools

Directors, art critics and producers give lessons in the San Girolamo Theatre on the history of cinema, according to what the festival offers that year.



– Exhibition about the Fratelli Taviani thanks to Umberto Montiroli’s photographs, in the Biblioteca Agorà.

– Exhibition of Aldo Tambellini at the Liceo Artistico A.Passaglia.

– Exhibition of Michael Snow thanks to Fondazione Ragghianti.


– Exhibition of Jonas Mekas thanks to Fondazione Ragghianti.

– Exhibition of Christian Lebrat at the Ex-Manifattura Tabacchi.


– Exhibition of Robert Cahen realizzata thanks to Fondazione Ragghianti.


– Extensive showing of “Cinématon” by Gérard Courant at the Lu.C.C.A.


– Exhibition of Massimo Carnevale.




– The Towers / Lucca Hubris by Peter Greenaway. Multimedia installation created by projecting achitecture on the facade of the San Francesco Church.