The Death of Cinema and My Father Too by Dani Rosenberg (Israel, 2020)

Director Dani Rosenberg

Screenplay Dani Rosenberg, Itay Kohay

Cinematography David Stragmeister

Film editing Nili Feller, Guy Nemesh

Music Yuval Semo

Cast Marek Rozenbaum, Roni Kuban, Ina Rosenberg, Noa Koler, Natan Rosenberg, Sabina Rosenberg, Ruth Farhi

Production Pardes Films, Tu Vas Voir


When Yoel hears about an imminent Iranian military attack on Tel Aviv, he knows what to do – escape with his family to a safe haven in Jerusalem. His son Assaf, who is a filmmaker and about to become a father himself, wants to give Yoel one last lead role in his movie by melting the fictional world into bittersweet reality.