19 International short films selected at the Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema 2020

Annunciata la selezione del “Concorso Cortometraggi” dell’edizione 2020 del Festival

The selection of the “Short Film Competition” of the 2020 edition of the Festival has been announced
The films will compete for the prize of 500 euros.

19 short films will be in competition at the 2020 edition of the Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema, the festival scheduled from 25 September to 4 October in Lucca.

The films will compete for the “Best Film” prize (worth 500 euros), which will be awarded by the international jury made up of great figures from the world of cinema. The films will also participate in the “Best short film – university jury” award, decreed by the student jury and for “Best short film – popular jury” from the popular jury.

The selected titles are: Wild Berries by Marianna Vas, Hedda Bednarszky, Romulus Balazs (Hungary, Portugal, Romania, 2018), Snow Shelter by Robertas Nevecka (Lithuania, 2020), Spontaneous by Lori Felker (United States, 2019), Nunca te dejé sola by Mireia Noguera (Spain, 2019), Men are hungry too by Francesco Lorusso, Gabriele Licchelli, Andrea Settembrini (Italy, 2019), Bananas girl by Shayna Connelly (United States, 2020), Sublunary by Mariangela Ciccarello, Philip Cartelli (Italy, 2019), Prelude by Rick Niebe (Italy, 2019), Mare by Guille Vázquez (Spain, 2020), Bookanima: Andy Warhol by Shon Kim (United States, South Korea 2020), Let there be light by Maria Luisa Forenza (Italy, Syria 2020), A janela (The Window) by Patrícia Sobreiro (Portugal, 2020), I will go back to our race by Mattia Biondi (Italy, 2019), The Oceans are the real Continents by Tommaso Santambrogio (Italy, Cuba 2019), Thick air by Stefano Miraglia (Italy, France, 2020), Destino by Bonifacio Angius (Italy, 2019), Flexible bodies by Louis Fried (Germany, 2019), I heard silence from her by Geena Jung (South Korea, 2020), Amal by Metteo Russo, Antonio Buscema (Italy, 2020).

The official selection was curated by Rachele Pollastrini, of the Festival’s artistic committee.