Valeria Golino: actress of the changes

Also Valeria Golino, Greek-Neapolitan actress with a brilliant career, will be at the Lucca Film Festival e Europa Cinema 2017.

“Satisfaction is the enemy of youth, while its friends are restlessness and curiosity. When there is satisfaction, it is already established that a thing is done, over. I hate satisfaction. “

“Miele”: actress and director

After acting in several movies, within and across national borders, in 2013 Valeria makes his directorial debut with the feature film Miele, suffered and poetic tale loosely based on the book “A nome tuo” by Mauro Covacich, about euthanasia.

“When you swich from facing to have the control of the camera, the perspective on yourself and on the actors changes, properly. The latter may become the highway that make your dreams come true, but they can also – unwittingly – become an interference to your idea.”

The film, screened in competition at Cannes in the Un certain regard, earned her a Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury; it also won the Silver Ribbon for Best New Director, Golden Globe and Golden Ciack for best first feature film.

About music

In addition, Golino does not fail to engage in music. In the ’90s she stars R.E.M. videoclip “Bittersweet Me” and recorded “The Man I Love”, the soundtrack of Hot Shots. Later she worked with Baustelle to the soundtrack of Giulia non esce la sera (2009). She lends her distinctive voice to the song “Piangi Roma”, which won the Silver Ribbon at the best original song.

“Piangi Roma, muori amore,
splendi sole, da far male.
Ho già fatto le valigie,
ma rimango ad aspettare.”

Valeria Golino: an actress, a thousand women

Valeria took her first steps into the world of cinema when she was very young: she met the director Lina Werthmüller, who choses her for starring two films in the ”83 and ’84. Later, she soon demonstrates her talents as an actress starring the film Storia d’amore by Francesco Maselli in the role of Bruna. Bruna is the main characters of a tough love story in the context of the Roman underclass, a role which worths the actress Coppa Volpi for Best Actress. She is awarded again with Coppa Volpi in 2015, for the role of Anna in the film Per amor vostro by Giuseppe Gaudino. Mother and wife, owning a life in black and white, rarely in technicolor, Anna challenges this gray existence as well as she begins to work as autocue operator for a local television drama.

“Anna’s story is simple and dark as the lives of those who put themselves in the shadows and pretends nothing. The character of Anna has a form that breaks down, so that it seems unique in Italian cinema. Probably this was greeted with distance.”
Cristina Piccino on Il manifesto)

For the same film she received a nomination at David di Donatello and a Silver Ribbon for Best Actress; she also is awarded with Anna Magnani Prize at Bari International Film Festival in 2016.


Between the ’90s and 2000 she moved to the United States, starring several films: she plays Susanna in Rain Man (1988) with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, then Maria in Lone Wolf, alongside Viggo Mortensen, Patricia Arquette and David Morse. In 1995 Golino is the seductive Athena, guest at the Hotel Mon Signor, in Tarantino’s Four Rooms: leader of a coven of witches maddening a bit the lobby boy Ted – Tim Roth.

In Italy

In Italy, she is awarded with the David di Donatello for best supporting actress in the film Il capitale umano (2013) by Paolo Virzi. She also worked with other great directors, such as Gabriele Salvatores, Emanuele Crialese, Ferzan Ozpetek and Francesca Archibugi. At Lucca Film Festival e Europa Cinema 2017 Valeria will receive the lifetime achievement award and have a talk with the audience about her various roles as an actress, director and producer.