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Dafne Is Gone

Film Notes

Original Title: Dafne Is Gone

Country, year: Italia, 2022
Duration: 18′
Color: colore

Director: Julie Gun

Cast: Julie Gun, Marek Jason Isleib

Screenplay: Julie Gun

Photography: Eleonora Castello

Film editing:

Music: Marco Gonnella

Production: Stefano Memeli


Screening info

  Location: Cinema Centrale | Date: 29/09/2022 Time 17.30

Cortometraggio | –


On a cold winter night, a blizzard hisses loudly outside the window. While the window is wide open and slowly twirls the drapes of the room, a young woman is paralyzed in her bed, with a glassy gaze she looks elsewhere, stares in his thoughts, more and more convivial of the act she is about to perform. Once she regains  nowledge of his body, she gets up and goes to the window. In the few seconds before the fall, a dream vision becomes real. The woman relives the encounter with her inner demon, the personification of the suffering that seducing her to commit suicide.

“Dafne Is Gone is a project started years ago to channel my fears, anxieties and obsessions into painting; it was the best therapy for relieving my negative thoughts. I have always wished my paintings would come alive and talk. So finally I’ve made up my mind! I want this to happen! The purpose is to create an experimental short movie about me through a dreamlike and intangible performance.” Julie Gun

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