Dafne Is Gone - Cover

Dafne Is Gone

Scheda Film

Paese, anno: Italia, 2022
Lingua Originale:
Durata: 18′
Colore: colore

Regia: Julie Gun

Interpreti: Julie Gun, Marek Jason Isleib

Sceneggiatura: Julie Gun


Produzione: Stefano Memeli


Musica: Marco Gonnella

Fotografia: Eleonora Castello


Prima Mondiale:

Informazioni sulla Proiezione

  Sede: – | Data: 23/09/2022 ore DATA IN DEFINIZIONE

Cortometraggio | –


Dafne Is Gone is a project started years ago to channel my fears, anxieties and obsessions into painting; it was the best therapy for relieving my negative thoughts. I have always wished my paintings would come alive and talk. So finally I’ve made up my mind! I want this to happen!The purpose is to create an experimental short movie about me through a dreamlike and intangible performance.

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